Why Invest?

Why Invest In Timberland with a Global Approach?

An investment in forestry entails acquiring and operating productive land with a primary emphasis on growing trees and producing other forest based products and services that are of value to global markets. Forestry investment returns are largely derived from biological tree growth, which, depending on the species, location and growing conditions, is predictable using longstanding publicly available sources of yield data.

  • Timberland has a proven track record of investment performance since its establishment as an institutional asset class in the 1980's - outperforming most other investment sectors during that time, including equities and bonds.
  • Timberland is a source of portfolio diversification, having a demonstrable history of generating returns that are lowly correlated with other types of financial assets.
  • Many forestry investments can be structured to provide bond-like yields and the asset class has historically been recognized as a sound inflation hedge.
  • Finally, global population growth, increasing urbanisation and per capita GDP growth in emerging nations, combined with increasing global demand for renewable products and energy sources, suggest that the near and long-term investment outlook for timberland is promising.

Timberland Offers Attractive Real Returns to the Long-Term Investor.

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