About TIR

TIR is a disciplined and focused organization.  We operate with strategic intent and in accordance with well-defined vision and mission statements.  Our operating principles are also aligned with our core values and together these foundational conceptions are reflected in our investment philosophy, our investment strategy and our commitment to practicing Alpha-Driven Forestry™.


We exist to unlock the value of the world’s forests for our clients.


Our Mission is to provide clients with the ability to capitalize on market inefficiencies and to do this in ways to enable us to grow and be recognized as one of the best-performing and most respected timberland investment management organizations in the world.

Core Values

  • We recognize our responsibilities as a fiduciaries and always put our clients’ interests and the protection and performance of their assets first.
  • We operate with honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • We strive to hire, retain and reward highly-skilled and self-motivated employees.
  • We promote entrepreneurial behavior and the pursuit of thought leadership.
  • We strive to consistently produce superior investment performance for our clients.
  • We emphasize teamwork, creativity, innovation and open communication at all levels of the firm.
  • We employ a stewardship ethic in the management of our clients’ forests and all of the natural resources we manage on their behalf.

Investment Philosophy

TIR believes the key to achieving long-term success in the timberland investment sector is identifying and capitalizing on market and operating inefficiencies that produce exploitable supply, demand and pricing dislocations.

Investment Strategy

TIR embraces a value-orientation to timberland investment.  We focus primarily on:

  1. Making and managing acquisitions in the middle-market segment, which includes transactions in the $10 million to $75 million range.
  1. Investing in segments of the market where there is less competition, where per-acre pricing tends to be lower and where TIR is able to identify market and operating inefficiencies by engaging in fuller and more comprehensive due diligence.
  1. Operating each asset in a portfolio context but as a standalone business – the emphasis being to optimize near-term cash flow and to increase long-term capital appreciation by using enhanced, stand-level silvicultural practices
  1. Selling assets, in whole or in part, on an opportunistic basis in response to clients’ holding term and performance expectations – the goal always being to obtain premium pricing for core timberland assets and for lands that may be more suitable for alternative uses, including conservation, recreation or development.
  1. Practicing Alpha-Driven Forestry™, which entails consistently focusing on generating biological and financial alpha for our clients.